Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Search - Week One

Well,  as of April 12, 2013 I am jobless. 

No, not of my own intent.  The company I worked for eliminated my position.  I pretty much knew this was coming since I have had very little to do since January.  It just ticks me off that I left something solid and stable with hefty bonus's and raises based on a business plan that was changed pretty much immediately after I was hired. 

So, I'm searching and searching. The field of fleet management is very specialized and the market for open jobs in the Dallas area is very limited.  I love what I do when I get to do what I'm hired for.  The fleet world is very small and the fleet managers across the country are a great group of people.  I have made many lifelong friends in my 18 years in this field.

I send out resumes throughout the day but many times you feel like they are going out into the black hole that is the Internet.  I'm a firm believer in networking these days in order to make contacts and get my name out there so I also send out emails to everyone I know.  You never know who knows who.... it can't hurt.

I am also using this time to clean out a little around the house.  Closets, drawers, etc.... I know if I land something pretty quick, I'll go to work and think.... "now why didn't I do that while I was off"? 

It's scary but I have a great network of people across the country keeping an ear out for me. 

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