Thursday, April 18, 2013

still searching

I'm spending my days sending out resume's, contacting people, sending out emails.... treating this job search just like a job.  Yesterday I got a lead from a peer in the fleet industry regarding a job here in Dallas with a beverage company, a BIG beverage company.  So, I sent out my info to the contact.  He was very interested and asked me to review the Job Description and see if it closely matched my qualifications.  It did, except for one detail. 

I sent an email back to him and told him I felt my years of experience would trasfer well to the available position.  He answered back and asked if I had the Bachelors degree.... no, I don't.  They could not even consider me without that degree.  So, according to them a degree in French Literature would be much more beneficial than 18 years experience... wow..

That being said, the images and news last night and this morning in the daylight from West,
Texas are devastating and sad. It puts so much in perspective.  My roof is over my head, my dog is laying beside me, I know where my kids are and I have food in the kitchen. 

I'll find a job.
I'll do whatever I have to when the time comes.
I have friends that I can count on.

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Melissa Edwards said...

Girl, this infuriates me! I can't stand this mentality. I appreciate a degree but most college grads take years to understand real world work. And nothing compares to real experience. Whatever company that is has made a mistake!! Praying still for you, my friend! I love your positivity!