Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fun Post - Hot Springs

I'm going to use Friday's to post some fun stuff.  And in light of events this week, fun is what we need.

The weekend before I got laid off, I took some time to take a quick girlfriend trip to Hot Springs Arkansas.  Many many years ago, in about 97-98 a few of us from Pizza Hut human resources department did this and had so much fun. 

So, on Friday my girl buddy Sandy picked me up and we headed east.  It was a gorgeous weekend forecast and we were ready to get the heck out of town.  I had rented a house through VRBO on Lake Hamilton and we were going to meet up with Sandy's mom and sister for the weekend. 

After a quick stop snacks we got to our weekend home about 3 with her mom and sis arriving right after.  We took some time to visit, check out the house, have some wine (me) and champagne (them), we got changed and headed to downtown Hot Springs.

Some of us, who shall remain nameless, made a
a definite fashion statement.

Our first stop was to park at The Arlington Hotel and have a drink and people watch for a bit. 

 Gal pal and I

I was hiding from the paparazzi at the Arlington....

After our libations at The Arlington we took a stroll down the main boulevard to enjoy the evening and look for a dinner venue.  Me, Sandy's sis and her mom in front of one of the bath houses in Hot Springs.

I love love the architecture of the old bathhouses.  I believe this is from a building built in 1918.

The mosaics are beautiful.


On one of our previous trips we have a photo by this sign, (says Sandy).  I don't have a copy so she'll have to send me one.
I've been to this bathhouse a couple of times.  I believe it is the only one still in operation.
We found out that one weekend a month there is a Gallery Stroll downtown and lucky us it was this weekend.  Free wine!  We took in a couple of galleries bought some art, some jewelry and I found a handmade glass horse head wine stopper to add to my collection. 
This painting cracked me up.  A redhead and a brunette.  I said it was me and Sandy.  One wrong item is there is wine in front of her.... should be champagne.
Along the street there are these plaques for famous people born in Arkansas.  This one has meaning for me as Cliff was one of my favorite Dallas Cowboys.
On to dinner.
For dinner we found a yummy italian restaurant.  Belle Arti

 Walking back to our car after dinner, Sandy's mom notices comedian Yakov Smirnoff walking down the street.  Well, I couldn't let the photo opp pass!!!  There are different versions of how the conversation went from here (my version and everyone else's).  Yes, there may have been some wine served at dinner... just sayin.   But, I don't think he will forget the redhead from Dallas.  He walked away shaking his head for some reason.

 We had a relaxing Saturday morning with some yummy breads and muffins that had been picked up along the drive and bacon expertly cooked by sister.  We fixed ourselves up and headed to Oaklawn to watch some ponies run.

My day was spent up and down the stairs with this stupid boot on my left leg.  This was week two of six having to wear this thing.  Not fun.
My traveling buddies at Oaklawn plotting their betting strategy.
The day ended with all of us a little lighter in the wallets but it was fun.  If you ever go, there is a bloody mary bar on the mezzanine level that is awesome!!!!!  trust me.  Made the foot feel much better.
We were worn out, headed back to the house, opened the wine and ordered pizza.  Heaven.
(footnote:  had to take a picture of this transformer feet away from the house. I don't think this would be allowed in Big D.)

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