Monday, April 22, 2013

The Triplets

Trey and Neely had the triplets Baptism on Saturday.  It was very very sweet, and entertaining.  Seven of our eight grandkids were there along with Neely's niece. 
Baby Wranglers!  Getting everyone changed for their Baptism.

Aunt Leslie with Ruby prior to the ceremony

 And little Miss Savannah.

Ruby waited ever so patiently to get this show on the road

All the other little ones wondering what the heck is going on.

Big cousin Jake

Aunt Laura

The parents and God Parents

Katy with William, Laura with Ruby

 Savannah - wonder what she is really thinking?

Happy happy William

Pops and the triplets big brother Bryan taking it all in.

The Godfathers..... sounds funny doesn't it?

Bryan hamming it up afterwards for the cameras

Grandparents minus Pops...... Tony went searching.

With the great grandparents

 Savannah got some snacks and was happy happy

Ruby's eyeballing something on somebody else's plate I think.
 William.... just always happy. 

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