Thursday, May 2, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I had the pleasure to meet a longtime friend for dinner last night.  Debbie and I have been friends  since about 1972 or so through our childhood church East Grand Baptist Church.  Our parents had known each other for years.  It's pretty much through Facebook that Debbie and I have re-connected and stay in touch.  I don't care what people may say about Facebook, if you use it for good things, It is a good thing.  Yes, I may spend a lot of time on the computer, on Facebook, but I have found treasures.

 I reconnected with a cousin who I didn't know if I would ever ever connect with again.  Her name had changed, she lives in a different state but we have visited in person thanks to Facebook.

I get to see what my kids and grandkids are doing, nearly in real time and so do many of you .... whether you like it or not.  And I get to see your grandkids and I love it.  Makes me feel like I'm not the only one getting old.

I found another Lisa Moore.  We are Facebook friends and call each other "nameshare". 

I get to talk to some friends in Nashville who sing pretty darn good, and they answer back! 

My friend Kathy in Charlotte makes me laugh every morning. 

I get to stay in touch with one of my best friend who doesn't live in Dallas any more.  We may not talk everyday but I feel like she does.

I get to stay in touch with work friends who have moved away, have new families, new jobs, but we can stay in touch. I get words of encouragement from them. 

We, all of us find out when our friends lose a family member or lose their own struggle with an illness and we share our sympathies with them immediately. We find out when a friend battles through a transplant (or two) and comes through it.  We get to wish them well and offer our help if they need it.

I became friends with a best selling author through Facebook. 

Here's my Throwback Thursday photo.  I know where these girls are.  I know what is happening in their lives.  I know they have and do suffer pain and illness and have come through it.   I can talk to them everyday if I want.  That makes me smile.

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