Monday, May 13, 2013

Well it's been a month....

... since i was laid off.  Not fun.  Still searching.  My field is so specialize that finding an open available position is not easy.  But enough about that. 

Last week I took a quick trip to Seguin Tx with my buddy Peggy.  Her son is at Trinity Lutheren College down there and he had to be out of his dorm/apartment on Wednesday night.  Even though he goes back in 3 weeks for summer school, he had to be all moved out and the place cleaned out.  He was waiting at that time to find out where he would be assigned for the summer session.  We got there late Tuesday night, got up and headed over to the college Wednesday morning and got to work. 

4 Boys - dorm apartment - with kitchen..... need I say more?  I think the vacuum cleaner burnt up.  Back to Dallas Wednesday afternoon (5 hours drive time) with a quick stop in West to pick up some kolaches and help their economy a little.  Got home and Peg messages me that her son got his room assignment.... BACK IN THE SAME ROOM!  oh well, at least his parts clean.

On Thursday hubby had to head down to Cherokee to set and wire some lights for a helipad that will be used during this weeks Cherokee Creek Music Festival.  Poor guy left at 4 am and got home after 10pm and worked all day in the rain. 


 Lights he put in

 trench for electrical line

 ground they had to trench through to put in the line.  They broke 3 chains on the ditcher and still didn't get the whole trench dug. 

My oldest brother came in from Brownsville over the weekend for a quick visit.  Clay, Amanda and Emory came over for breakfast Saturday morning. Emmy was a little shy at first but warmed up with toys, a game of catch and a few songs. 

taking out squares.....

Not happy about having to put them all back.
She was busy busy

This week we head out on Wednesday to the music festival.  I can't wait.  This will probably be the only "vacation" we get this year if I don't find a job soon!  It's a beautiful setting, great music and hopefully some promising prospects for work... maybe. 

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