Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Cherokee Creek Music Festival

 Back in May, I once again got to go to the Cherokee Creek Music Festival in Cherokee Texas. Hubby is actually there right now working on a new house for the owners.  Before the festival, they put in a heliport for guests and artists who were coming in after dark. Hubby wired and installed the lights.  Hence the square >>>>>> here with the green lights. >>>>>>This is a full line up of the artists we saw. Printed on a fan that was much needed.  It got warm.

Special guest artist for the private sponsor show was Robert Earl Keen.  He was great.

 This is a shot of the pavilion where the artists performed. 
Another  Robert Earl Keen shot.

Joan Osborne.  I wasn't sure who she was at first.  Very bluesy. Then she sang her signature Grammy winning song,  "What if God Was One of Us?"

One of my all time fav bands.... Pure Prairie League.... loved them.

Dwight Yoakum was high high energy!

 This pic is a little dark but this little guy was a huge Dwight fan. He sang along with every song!

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