Monday, July 1, 2013

A Question...

Hubby posed a question to me last week that is driving me crazy.  He wanted to know what my favorite food was. I think most people would find this a pretty simple question. It has taken me days to answer it.  Well not answer the question specifically, but an answer none the less.

I don't have a favorite food. I have foods I love. I have foods I don't care for and I have foods I can't stand. (Greens, yuk)

I determined it is the experiences  related to food that I love.  I love preparing food. I love the planning, the searching for the perfect dish or meal. I love when a dish comes out perfect.

Most people would probably guess that my favorite food is barbecue... That would be a good guess but BBQ to me is so much more personal. When you're family was in the business for over 75 years, it becomes personal. I am very passionate and very very picky about anything smoked. (And let me just mention a pet peeve here, cooking outside, on a gas or charcoal grill IS NOT BARBECUEING!  That people is grilling. You have to have wood and smoke to BBQ. Period. I don't believe you need "The Rub" or need to drown your meat in bbq sauce. If it is smoked correctly, the flavor of the meat shoul be the star. Ok, I digress. I like smoked ham, potato salad, pinto beans and all the works but it is an event.

I love sushi. I don't make sushi at home. It's not my favorite food. It all has to do with the experience. Sitting at the sushi bar, talking to the chefs, watching their expertise in the preparation... It just doesn't taste as good sitting at a regular table.

I do love me some Mexican food. But again, it's the total experience. The chips, hot sauce, the margaritas...   I can eat Mexican food multiple times in a week but is it my all time favorite food? I can't say that it is.

If I am at a sports event, I want those nasty, fattening, nachos with the melted processed cheese product poured all over.

If I'm on a road trip with my husband, I have to have my Cheetos and Dr. Pepper.

First cold night of the year?  It's Frito Pie.

It's hanging with good friends and cooking together.

It's all about the event. To me it is the same as presents, it's not always about the gift, it's about the thought; the time it took the person to decide what to get; the effort put into listening and knowing... Digressing again.


Family discussions, jokes and laughter around the table after a meal.

That look right after the grandbaby digs into their birthday cake.
 that first cup of coffee when you are out camping and know you have absolutely nothing you HAVE to do.

It's about teaching newer generations traditions, like making homemade ice cream.

I guess I just love the experience of food.

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