Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's a new day

So, I am employed. I'm selling light and medium duty commercial trucks for Rush Enterprises. What that means is I have moved to the other side of the desk. For the past 18+ years I have been the one negotiating pricing and buying these trucks. Now, I'm negotiating on the sales side. Selling to the person(s) I used to be.  we only sell commercially. We only sell Ford and Isuzu products. No cars.

I get there, 19 miles from home. I'm early. Good. I fill out and sign all the paperwork but alas they need to make a copy of my social security card. Hmmmm, I don't keep that with me. I've learned not to.  Not a problem, I'll bring it tomorrow. I know right where it is.

HR lady gives me directions to go get a DOT physical in case I ever need to drive one of the trucks over 10,000 pounds GVW.   Geez. I hope not.

I go to the medical place and its not bad, just a little over an hour. Not bad.  Except for the really smelly guy that sat next to me.

I go back to the office and we get my laptop all set up, but I can't do any of the login stuff until corporate has all of my paperwork, completed. No copy of my social. Can't really do a thing and its noon. All of the company orientation and training are online. Drat.

I hang out. Handwriting out some brainstorming leads and creating some forms. It wasn't to bad.

 Tomorrow will be better.

Came home, found my social security card. NOT where I just knew it was but ummm, in my wallet. Have no idea whe I put it there. Yep. Had it the whole day.

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