Monday, July 15, 2013

And so on

As my days of unemployment wind down, I have been taking advantage of my time off.

This past Friday night I enjoyed something new.  It's called Skinny Wraps. It takes inches off your belly, or your legs or hips wherever.  They take this piece of papery fabric that has this gel all over it.  You put it on the area you want the inches removed and then wrap saran wrap around yourself.  There is menthol and eucalyptus and other all natural stuff in the gel so while you are wrapped up it clears up your sinuses at the same time! 

They took measurements and pictures before and after (those will not be shown here) and I did lose some inches after 45 minutes.  There was extra gel left over on my belly so I just rubbed it in and didn't wash it off.  The next morning I had actually lost nearly two inches on my lower belly.  Not a bad thing.  It lasts for a few days so if you have a special event and a slinky dress to fit into, it's worth it. 

So Saturday, we headed to Forney to help my step daughter and her hubby get settled into their new home.  It was work but lots of fun.  We got to see seven of the eight grandkids and that was well worth the work.  After a dip in their pool, we headed out to dinner then home to crash.

Sunday turned drizzly rainy here in north Texas and that resulted in a day in pj's relaxing. 

It's now Monday and my very last day of no work.  I hope ever!  Most people start work on Monday, not me.  I don't start anything on Monday's.  I never come back to work after vacation on a Monday etc. It's just me.

I'm excited for tomorrow.  Learning new stuff, meeting new people... Also my ACE business is taking off as well.  Still doing Texas Fit Chicks getting healthy, eating better, losing weight.

Yep life is good.

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