Thursday, November 28, 2013


Years ago, growing up the Moore family spent every Thanksgiving day together. There would so many Moore's gathered in the Community Center in Little Elm Texas it was huge.  Seemed like fifty or more people from one single family and their extended families gathered together to celebrate.

Aunt Hazel decorating the tables in fall decor, cornucopias, fall leaves berries..... This is where I learned how to eat pomegranate seeds and ending up with purple fingers for days.

Everybody bringing in their special dishes.  Uncle Bill always made pheasant and dumplins, yep, PHEASANT. The Moore brothers would have gone to South Dakota pheasant hunting in October and the bounty of the hunt had a place in our menu.  However,  the younger Moore cousins would give Uncle Bill great grief about how "awful" it was, all the while stuffing their faces with all they could eat. 

Aunt Martha directing traffic in the kitchen.  Mom, Aunt Louise and the other women dutifully following along.

There was Uncle Bo, Aunt Helen, Aunt Marie, the oldest Uncle Lawrence,  then cousins and second cousins... Freddy, Ronny, Patty, Wayne, Sheila, Steve, me, Jimmy, Mark, Eddie, Ann, Tina, Sherry, Holly, Laura.  Later came the additions of Carol, Mona, Marilyn, Sharon.... I'm missing some but my brain is a little lacking right now.

My cousin Sherry and I played together, being the younger of the group.  Outside if it was warm enough. Or, we would set up a playroom in the coat closet if it was a frigid day like today.

Rows and rows of pies, cakes, turkey, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, rolls.... you name it.  Well, except I don't remember ever having barbeque.... hmmmmm guess we had enough every day.

After our belly's were full, the TV was hooked up (with rabbit ears) in the front room and tuned to the Cowboy game..  One year Daddy (Buck) and his brothers were lined up in chairs watching the game, my Clayton was a toddler and with a furrowed brow went from one to the other saying "Daddy Buck?... Daddy Buck?... Daddy Buck.... they all looked ALOT alike.  :)

 Of course, the card table and dominoes came out as well and the 42 game began.  Lots of trash talk between young and old, males and females all out to end up the final winners. Somehow, (by my own choice) I never ever learned this game.

I know I have pictures somewhere but can't lay my hands on them this morning.  I will though. Great memories making me happy and sad at the same time....

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