Friday, December 20, 2013

My New Favorite Color is......




A couple of weeks back I had some sales calls to do on McKinney Avenue here in Dallas.  Actually, one of the places on my call list was McKinney Avenue Tavern, now known as Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern, or The MAT.  So I popped in for lunch, said hey to Big Al Mack (local KISS FM dj), checked on the truck that once upon a time was owned by the tavern....and had some pleasant conversation with the awesome bartender Josh.  Big Al was walking out the door and turned and mentioned the UT Southwestern Mobile Mammogram unit would be there on Thursday, "come on by and get your boobies smashed" were his exact words.  So, I did.  I returned on Thursday and had a most pleasurable, well nearly pleasurable, ok I had the procedure done. YUK!

A week or so goes by and UTSW calls and they need my previous films.... OK.  We find them finally with Baylor Medical.  They compare and I get to go in and have ANOTHER mammogram AND a sonogram.  After the sonogram the doctor immediately tells me what he is seeing, some interesting spots.... there are no lumps just some areas of concern.  OK. He asks if I have ever had any "trauma" to the area..... Well, none other than just having them smashed by some huge VICE! OK,   He wants me to have a needle biopsy for two spots on the left side and one on the right. OK.  We schedule the Fine Needle Aspiration for a few days later. 

Needle. Biopsy.  hmmmm.  Not the most pleasant of undertakings.  Yes, they do numb the area, with a NEEDLE.  Then, another type needle gun is inserted to take out bites of tissue.  Well,  my boobs are dense so they had to go up to a bigger gun.  He said kinda like going from a .22 to a .38.  Nice.   It takes quite a few attempts on the left side to get what they need.  The right side was a piece of cake after that! The area there was so tiny, it pretty much disintegrates.  He does show me the little specs of tissue they take and what they pulled from the right side was totally different than the left.  Left side looks like normal tissue, right side is a spec of black.  OK

Two days later, pretty early in the morning the doc calls and says the indications on the right were that it was tissue from a cyst that was now gone. (desintegrated).  However, the left side was different.  I can't remember the long medical word now but his concern was the type of results have a high probability of developing into cancer cells.  None of the cells taken were cancerous but now they need to go in and take out more of the odd ones.  OK.  I schedule an appointment with a breast surgeon now.... I also have the results sent to my regular M.D. for him to review.  He calls and says yes, it would be best all around to do the more extensive tissue excision..... OK.  I have an appointment on January 6 for the consult with the surgeon. 

All of this;  ALL OF THIS, because I HAPPENED to stop in at a specific place at a specific time, run into a specific person..... timing is everything. If I had not had the mammogram, the chances of this becoming full blown breast cancer was about 95%.  Yea. OK. 

I'll keep you posted.


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