Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So after all the sonograms, mammograms and biopsy's it was determined that the needle biopsy was clear but there was more tissue to be removed just to be safe.  That tissue was "likely" to become cancerous.  After discussing all the options with the hubby and my doctor we decided there was every reason to do this and no reason not to.

So, one thing I found interesting;  to determine and identify the tissue that needs to be removed, the day before the surgery they insert a radioactive (insert song lyric here) pellet. The surgeon then uses a gieger counter to find that pellet and then removes a certain radius around that pellet.

I had a little trouble coming out of anesthesia but that's not unusual for me.  Just a little soreness but nothing like I've experienced before. All clear to go back and work out now so I'm ready to lose this crap I've gained back!

This is the sonogram of the site, right before they input the pellet.  The white spider webby area is what was removed.  Everything should look like the bottom third of the screen.

And then hubby had to take a pic of me in recovery.....


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