Sunday, March 16, 2014


The past few months have definitely tested my patience.  Well, actually the past 8 years really.  Alot has happened but I have learned to Stop, Breathe & Think before reacting. 

I also don't put up with much BS anymore.  Some people may think I might live in my high school years, (and further back) but the truth is, I genuinely like those people.  (for the most part) They helped me become who I am.  They were in my first wedding.A They were instrumental in my marriage now.  There were years we never saw each other but many of us truly make an effort to stay connected and try to be there for each other.  We are losing our parents and family members and are understanding that time is fleeting. We are having grand babies, even though we don't feel like we're old enough, and we are enjoying that more than we ever thought possible. There is the BS factor, there always is.  But, I find if I walk away, eliminate the source, I'm better off.  Again, life's too short to deal with that. 

Work.  Having great jobs, being considered an expert in my field and then having that rug yanked out from under me, now that has taught me patience as well.  Sending out resumes and applications through the black hole of the Internet is very very frustrating. Patience, patience, patience.  It's never been something I was good at but hubby tells me I've become much better.  I can't control every situation.  I'm learning that.  

Grand babies.  Now that is a test of patience as well.  They are funny, tiring, intelligent, cute, stubborn and wonderful.  I/we don't like that we don't see all of them as much as we'd like.  Most are an hour away and they have schedules, just like we did when we had little ones.  Crazy.

Hubby.  Well, we all know spouses can test our patience.  I love my husband but lordy, he can be a challenge.  Marriage is a challenge but I wouldn't change my marriage right now for anything. He is working 6 to 7 days a week these days and he's no spring chicken right?  But, it is what it is.  The business is doing great things and he is the best out there in what he does. He does what he does because he is proud of what he does. Even if it takes him away for days and weeks.  And I will be patient. 

Health.  Yea, there's that.  .... see previous post.  Waiting for the next procedure. Then waiting for the test results... patience.  I have learned in that matter is that no news is good news.  i

I try and tell myself what I used to tell my mom, "can you do anything about it at this very moment?"  I find I do get frustrated when there seems to be no one around to vent to.  I know everyone has there own crap and schedules and challenges and I don't want to bother them.  Times I feel like I have so many awesome friends but miss having those that are really close. 

  So remind me when you see me and my shoulders are up around my ears, and I start talking faster and faster and use way more cuss words than I should... to Stop, Breathe & Think. To be patient.  

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