Sunday, March 23, 2014


March and November are my least favorite months of the year.  It's so hard to believe that my daddy has been gone 8 years this coming week. I miss him everyday.  

I did something this week so out of character for me I can't hardly believe it myself. I did a 5k.  I did not RUN the 5k but I did finish.  The Diva Dash Dallas   is a full 5k for women and is full of obstacles. It was held south of downtown Dallas on the dry areas of the Trinity River.  It started out on dirt/grass which was really really hard and uneven.  I was petrified of twisting my ankle again, but I made it.   Then there were the obstacles.  I only fell twice!!!  I remember when I was coordinated....way way back. I did a lovely forward dive onto my hands and knees off of the See Saw walk. Then I did a dive off of the backside of the climbing wall.  Really dewy mornin made everything slick.  First thing out of my friend Shannon's mouth, "is your BOOB ok? is your BOOB ok?"!  LOL, she was so worried.  I was fine.  Laughing all the way.  I'm trying to decide what NEW thing I can do next month... 



Niece Emily also did a 5k Warrior Dash this weekend.  I'm pretty sure she did some running.  She is about 16 years younger!!

Speaking of,  the incised above mentioned body part is healing nicely after a trip to my great dermatologist, Ellen Turner who re-taped me and is sending me some antibiotic cream and scar cream.  (I won't show pictures of that, you can thank me later).

Now to decide what April New Adventure will be.

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