Sunday, October 26, 2014

What is normal?

We all have that friend.  The one who seems like they can do it all.  Their house is always clean.  There's no laundry on the couch that needs folding.  You get the point.

I think these friends are the ones that aren't normal.  I have come to this revelation on a Sunday morning at 11am as I sit here in my robe, still sipping coffee and looking at a very large hairball under the kitchen table.  Yep, there it sits. I have a very large, very hairy dog.  He can't help it but good Lord the hair is everywhere.

Yes, there is hair (even though I vacuumed up enough yesterday to stuff a couple of pillows).
There is hair under everything, on everything and floating everywhere. Anyway, I digress.  My refrigerator needs wiping out.  My kitchen floor has spots.  I'm wondering if I have anything to wear to work tomorrow.  My plants need watering. I have some decorating stuff I have bought that needs to be hung... haven't done that. And, there is a stack of papers that I've been putting off going through for way too long.  

But, while I could have been doing all the cleaning and scrubbing and vacuuming and dusting, I did a couple of other things.  I had a date with my husband. He opened doors for me and everything.  A nice corner table at our favorite greek restaurant.  Pretty romantic.   I also spent a morning with 5 of our grandkids.  You cannnot replace those moments.  

So much fun. 
So, if sitting here at nearly noon on a Sunday morning, blogging while my dog needs a brushing, my bed is unmade and my dishwasher needs unloading is a sign that I may be a little left of normal.  Well, you can have your normal, I'll do it my way. 

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