Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New adventures

I was recently chastised for not keeping this updated.  So here we go, not in any particular order.

Back in January, I talked Ray into going over to the Tarrant County RV show.  "just to look".  While there, we seriously began looking at larger than our current trailer, Matilda.  You see, Matilda has run her course in life.  Her floor was sinking, well rotting actually from a leak that was much worse than we ever dreamed. While shopping, I learn that Ray is planning a trip to New Orleans this summer for my birthday.   Doing both a trip and a new trailer was a little extravagant.  I wanted to keep doing the trailer camping thing more than anything else, even New Orleans.
So, we look and we decide and we buy.

Our first trip out we went headed up to Texoma to one of our favorite parks.  Cedar Mills.  We had a nice relaxing trip and loved the extra room.

 However, on the Sunday returning home, we faced 40-50mpg gusts of wind.  It was terrifying. Time for some stabilizer bars to level out the tow and to keep it from moving in the wind.  Ray installed them himself and we were ready to test it out ourselves.

Our next trip, we decided to head east to a new location, Lake Tawakoni State Park.  The new trailer, Stella, pulled great with the addition of the sway bars and we arrived at the park, pulled in and set up.  Only  to be told after getting set up and seconds away from my first glass of wine, that the spot was taken. At state parks, people can come in, pay, go find and tag a spot and then leave.  The people that tagged the spot we parked in, never came back.  The "tag" just has a date on it. No name. no explanation.   ^%$&^$%$^ !!!!! Lesson learned.   So,  we completely redo everything, hook back up and drive around to find another spot.  Backing into a smaller spot, in the dark, with a much larger trailer, not so easy but we did it.

My favorite view

We weren't on the water and it was very very busy in the park.  We did get out and walk around.  Found some better sites for our next visit.  We listened to music, just hung out, had some great food and headed home Sunday.  Again, no issues with pulling, unloaded at the office and came home.  Where I promptly got hit with the flu.

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