Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A good cause

Every February my friend Laura does a special thing.  She feeds countless people at Dallas Life  This organization helps reintroduce homeless folks back into working life, life with a home, life with a purpose.

She does this on Valentines day every year to honor the memory of her son Austin.  You see, Austin died of a drug overdose and Laura's birthday is on Valentines day.  So, instead of feeling sad every year, Laura decided to do something nice.  She gets all food, gifts for men, women and children donated.  The residents at Dallas Life don't normally get fresh food.... However.  It's all canned or frozen. But on Valentines day this year they had salad, fresh fruit, jambalaya from friends at Shuck and Jive, wings from Hooters, cake and cupcakes and Bai  waters.  The response is a little overwhelming.  The residents are so very grateful and appreciative.

Before the event there are a couple of fundraisers.  One of them was a painting party at Southside on Lamar.  What a cool place that is. 

View from the roof

My Coworkers joined in to help

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