Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Year's Eve

Back in the fall,  a few of us read that KC and the Sunshine Band were going to be at Choctaw Casino, event center for a concert.  FUN TIMES, cheap tickets, NYE!!!! So we bought those cheap tickets and made our plans.

We got there in plenty of time to gamble a little, eat some dinner and then head over to the event center.  It started out with a group of local kids dancing.  They were really entertaining and having a great time.

Then it was concert time..... Yes, KC's hayday was the late 70's.  This became very evident about 10 minutes into the show.  KC's voice was very unsteady but he was belting out the tunes.  He did dance steps, kicked some kicks, talked about songs he had written, talked about shows he had done, talked about himself....and talked about himself.... it was not good. None of it.

Then he did some pirouettes... yes... all the way across the stage,  at which point hubby turnes to me and says...."it's not going to get any better."
We headed back out to the casino and had a great time gambling.

The memory of 1977 was much better than reliving it.

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