Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Couldn't have asked for better

My buddy Shannon and I decided we needed a quick girls trip before she starts at her new job as a Montessori teacher.  So a couple of weekends back, I headed down from Dallas and she headed up from The Woodlands to meet in Waco and visit the Magnolia Silos as well as some other markets around the area. 

I have a long time friend who lives in Waco that I haven't seen in years, so I headed out early to go by and visit, catch up and have lunch.  We talked, got teary eyed, ate and laughed at old family stories.  Our parents had known each other since before I was born!  It was great seeing Barbara and we talked so much we forgot to take a picture!  She has a great home and backyard.  I'm very jealous... she can grow anything.  She also has a great cork wall going into their refrigerator. It goes from floor to ceiling and must have taken hours.  

Barbara gave us some suggestions for dinner on Sunday night since many, MANY places are closed.  We chose Portofino downtown and it was fabulous.  Portofino's Authentic Italian.  Lobster Ravioli and Chicken Piccata.  YUM!Before our dinner we stopped in at a nice sports bar with a few beers on tap.!!!

Bright and early Monday morning we headed over to the Magnolia complex.  The bakery was open so we had some homemade goodness.  A Cinnamon roll,  a blueberry muffin and a bacon cheddar biscuit, as well as some bubbly.  All Good.

So, I'm telling you, Monday morning is the time to go to this very very popular destination.  We lucked out with our weather.  We were expecting crowds, lines and hot hot temps.  When we got there it was in the 70's.  We walked right into the Bakery then got in line for the store to open and waltzed right in

Minimal crowd on Monday Morning!!!

NO line at the store till right before it opened. 

Inside was a little cray cray but  fun. 
One thing that did happen while we were sitting outside enjoying a nice cold watermelon. Another missed photo op.  Two men/guys were standing around and I was giving them a hard time about being "bag carriers" for their wives.  No, they were there from Fort Hood just checking the place out.  One of them said his wife was in GA and would be coming thru when he got back.....I said "you're going somewhere?  Yes ma'am, Kuwait".   Wow,  reality smacks you in the face sometimes.  I just don't expect or think about there still being deployments.

The next spot we visited was Spice Village.  LOTS AND LOTS of stuff to see and purchase!

Heading out of town towards McGregor we passed this place.  if you look really close you see the  Vegas Chinese Buffet     !!!!!!  We found this quite hysterical. 

We swung by the original Magnolia Bed and Breakfast in McGregor and the Gains home property as well.

The Cedar Chest is one of the places that Joanna visits her decor.  I found some dishes to match some my mom gave me years ago.  I added this bowl to my collection

This is some of what I already had. 

My sweet friend Barbara went back and got the bottom platter for me.  Can't wait to see her again. 

I saw this booth at The Findery.  It reminded me so much of the booths Daddy had at the BBQ house in Garland.  I have some of them in the warehouse at hubby's office. hmmmmmm


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