Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Texoma in August

 We got to do a quick camping trip the first part of August.  We headed up to Lake Texoma, East Burns Run.  This is a Corp of Engineers campground we had scouted out a few weeks back.

We had a great lakefront spot.  Got set up in the daylight and started our relaxation.

Ray got the trailer backed in perfectly and gave us a large shaded area.

He strung up my little trailer lights

and we had a great view

We had a huge bright moon and a great twilight.  We stayed up way too late visiting with our friends
Ray and I both slept late and I stayed in my pj's for a long long time.  Saturday was pretty warm but windy.  Even Rebel got in on some swim time

 This is Cadence.  A redheaded fireball and our new friend.

Saturday morning about 5am some sorms rolled in.  Luckily Ray, Laura and Zach had been smart and were watching the radar the night before and put up most of everything.  (I was in bed early).  When it really got windy Laura and Zach actually got up and rolled up tent and all and got in their car.  It rained buckets. So breakfast Sunday morning was all fixed and eaten inside Stella the trailer.  Biscuits and gravy are good anywhere.

Hubby and I took our time leaving Sunday. I piled up on the couch and watched it rain. One of the things that makes it easier is the power drill Ray's brother in law got him just for the trailer jacks.

Our baby was one pooped out pup. 

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