Saturday, September 15, 2007


Why in the world would someone blow their brains out for someone else to find. You know that the person who finds them will be a loved one! I cannot think of a more selfish act in the world. Anyone who would consider such a thing, any type of suicide has to be the most selfish of persons. It's not that they think their situation is not important, they obviously think that it is the most important thing in anyone's world around them. What makes them so important that they put themselves above everyone else? Make themselves the center of attention by their selfless act? What makes them so important that they can't find one person to talk to or to ask for help?

My heart goes out to anyone left behind. Parents, siblings, friends, spouses, children. I hope I never know their pain or their anger. Would a child, no matter what age, ever-ever be able to get past this? Would a parent or loved one ever erase the feeling of guilt at thinking they might could have made one more phone call, asked one more question? I don't know.

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