Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Travels and One Wrong Turn

Travels and One wrong turn

Every time I'm in a new city, I do pretty good at using a map, getting around town.... BUT no matter what, every night when I brave the freeways and wrong directions via Mapquest, Yahoo Travel, whatever I have to make a wrong turn at some point.

Tuesday night in the East Bay area of Northern California I was in search of Tsura Sushi. Got my directions from Yahoo, set out in my 07 rental Toyota Highlander to experience some California sushi. Well, the address was 1427 E. 14th. When I turned onto E 14th the street numbers started at 14400. Obviously I had neglected a digit somewhere. Maybe it was 14270, 14427, 14427.... I decided if i got down to 15000 I was obviously too far. So I turn around. Did I meantion I did not write down the name of the restaurant. yea. OK, there's a sushi restaurant on the right, hmm that's got to be it. Right? wrong? The restuarant I wanted was supposed to be the freshest around. This was not. Can't even remember the name of the place.

I'm from Dallas, we eat our Edemame hot people. Not cold. The eel was good. 2 large pieces very tasty. Good hot Sake. 6 spicy tuna rolls, so spicy I only ate 4.

OK, head out back to the hotel the exact way I came right? wrong. Missed the very last turn and ended up about 6 miles down the road. Turn around, back to my home away from home.

Wednesday night; searched on Google for "upscale restaurants in San Leandro, CA". There's one listed. yep One (1). Sonoma Wine Country Restaurant. Again, go to Yahoo directions. DO NOT trust the mileage indicators on this site. Way Way off. Make one wrong turn and end up on a dead end residential street, turn around.

Pass restaurant, U turn through gas station. 4 people in restaurant at 6:30pm. OK, it's early.

Very quaint, only seats maybe 80-90 diners.

I had seen the weekly specials listed on their website. One thing that caught my eye was the Soup. A Sweet Potato and Sausage soup. I started with a bowl of the soup and the featured wine of the week, Steele Pinot Noir. The soup arrived and looked like a vegetable soup, but it was one of the best soups I've ever had. A vegetable, broth with small bits of sweet potato, russet potato, very small cubed italian sausage, spinach and onion. I wish I had ordered a bowl of this soup, it was so good.

For an entree I ordered the Pasta Pesto. Penne pasta in a pesto sauce with Pine Nuts and sun dried tomato with parmesan shavings. I skipped the tomato. Not a [Photo]big fan. The penne was a little overcooked and it was a bit oily. I added a little salt and pepper and I think it could have used a bit of pepper flakes for some kick.

All in all my second restaurant outing turned out much better than the first. The wind had picked up, the temperature had dropped to a very cool 64 degrees so the red wine, soup and pasta was perfect. Now I get to travel back to 93 degrees in Dallas tomorrow.

more travel and restaurant reviews later and I'm sure i'll find my way, after at least one wrong turn.
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