Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 13 for Me, Mom in ICU

With Mom in and out of ICU and back and forth between Medical City Dallas and Baylor Garland, eating has pretty much taken a back seat to everything else. Mom is better but still at Medical City in Neuro ICU. The bleed on her brain is less dense so it is being absorbed but she is very tired, weak and groggy. Not something we are used to with her. Hence the grandma name "Go Granny". The picture here was last Sunday when she was feeling a bit better. The bruising here was all up around her eyes last week. It is seeping slowly down her body with gravity. The bleeding on the brain, I guess is doing the same thing. She's a trooper.

Me, I'm down 5 pounds but not because of healthy eating. I've been living on cantelope (sp?) mainly. It's quick. Also trying to remember to take the butt-load of pills the doctor has me on isn't easy either. I hate pills.

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