Sunday, May 11, 2008

day 3 of 90, nothing goes as planned....

I got to call some of you today about my mom, to catch everyone up here's the deal. Mom fell Saturday morning about 10 and cut 2 fingers on her left hand and hit her head, above her right eye pretty hard. The doctors office put nine stiches in her finger and sent her home with my brother Steve. She had the beginnings of a pretty good shiner going.

Starting about 8pm she started throwing up and that kept up all night long. Steve and Marilyn took her to Medical City Sunday morning at 9. She has a subdural hematoma which is bleeding between the brain and skull. As you can imagine this was not the news we wanted to hear after losing Daddy to very similar circumstance 3 years ago. We were all very upset and scared this morning when they started discussing drilling a hole in the skull to relieve the pressure.

After being admitted to ICU, the neuro surgeon and ICU chief determine that first they need to work with medication and now she has had 8 bags of plasma to try and control the bleeding without surgery. They will be doing a ct scan at 3am to determine if this is working. After the scan is reviewed they will determine if surgery is necessary.

and, less important than all that, i've eaten like crap and haven't exercised at all. prayers greatly appreciated. we're not out of the woods yet.

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