Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Dancing Countdown

Well, Dancing With the Stars 2009 got started last night with the men of the group. Just a few thoughts:

Ashley Hamilton

First let me say I never knew George Hamilton had a son.... second.... my mother taught me if I didn't have something nice to say, not to say anything at all. I'm not sure we will have time to learn much more about the younger Hamilton.

Michael Irvin

...Don't give up your day job... at least you have the man audience there.

Aaron Carter

I know very little about this kid but his first dance out of the box was awesome. Not quite sure why the judges seemed a little harsh.

Marc Dacascos
Ok, this guy makes me laugh because all I can think about when I see him is Iron Chef!!! Well, until he started dancing. He is a contender.

Chuck Liddell
Had no clue who this guy was when he was introduced. BUT, he will be the sentimental fav. He is trying sooo hard to get this. He isn't great and may be short of good, but he'll get the votes for having the most heart!

Tom Delay
OK, I laughed so hard at the House Majority Leader... we were laughing out loud. Not at his dancing really but at his personality. Who knew!!!??? Only a Texan!

Donny Osmond
Wow, wow, wow. He is a performer! Hubby and I both agree he will only get better. For the men... it is between him and Marc for sure.

Louie Vito
For the young girl vote there is Louie. Cute as a bug and everyone is giving him a hard time about his hair... backoff! Of course, I do have a soft heart for those men vertically challenged and this guy does have some short legs. Hope he can hang, I think we might see huge improvement from him.

All in all the show was very entertaining. One of the most entertaining snips was at the very last when they voted Michael Irvin better than Tom Delay. You could see Cheryl Burke FUMMING!!!!

More to follow...

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