Monday, September 28, 2009

A Reunion

In September of 1969 I walked in to a new school, new class and did not know one soul. Over the past forty years some of the friends I met at Janie Stark Elementary and at Vivian Field Jr High have remained friends and kept up with each other. I lost touch with some of those friends and unfortunately we have lost a few way too soon.

Thanks to the world of technology those that were lost were found, those that had kept in touch but sporadically have a much easier time now making contact on a much more regular basis. Because of this technology, mainly Facebook, four of us got together this past weekend for a very long over due weekend of catching up. It was much too short and there was no way to pack in all that has happened to us in just two short days. But we did our best.

We headed out on an eight hour road trip early on Friday morning. Misti and I had not seen Krista in we think about 16 years!!! It was just like we'd never been apart. We slipped into our old familiar roles and hit the road and made it to just short of our final destination with plenty of sunlight left in the day. Just as we had the beach (Port Aransas) in sight we found ourselves in a mile long line for the ferry.

The wait wasn't too long though and we were loaded up and headed across the water.

... being silly, singing songs as we floated over....

Misti's mom Sandy (now MiMi to me) started out as our Camp Fire Girls leader those many moons ago and she hasn't changed a bit. Dr.P hasn't changed either!!! He's still afraid of what trouble we might get into! He wanted to check the car to make sure we didn't stock up on toilet paper to go paper someone's house while we were there!!! (that would look pretty funny on palm trees). Our hosts were fabulous and again, just like old times except we never did a craft project like the old days. I think we were talking too much!

We had yummy seafood Friday night, stayed up late talking and laughing trying to remember names and faces from the past. Coffee and cinnamon roles were ready for us the next morning and then it was a morning of shopping for normal tourist beach paraphernalia. More yummy seafood for lunch sitting and enjoying the gulf breeze on a beach side deck. What more could you ask for?
A side trip to a 2009 Southern Living Idea House was cool. Something I wouldn't miss and I'm going to post on that separately.

Showers a nap and then we were off to the Belt Sander Races at The Gaff. Yes, Belt Sander Races. It was hysterical, made more hysterical by the "line judge" and his "colorful" commentary and side betting.

What next? More seafood for dinner of course. Small, tiny corner restaurant with some of the best food ever. Stuffed flounder, rice & broccoli to die for. Fried portabello mushrooms that I have to try myself very very soon. More laughing and I thing we look pretty darn good these many years later.

Then back to the house, with a stop first by the local store for s'mores makings. Doc had wood and all the equipment needed for a beach fire. We changed into some better beach fire clothes, fixed up some metal hangers and headed out.
Tamara put some muscle into it and dug a fire hole and Doc got the fire started with some unorthodox/un Camp Fire Girl approved gasoline!!!

More laughing, sticky marshmallow chocolate fingers and delicious s'mores. You can't duplicate this taste without the real fire. (pictures of this to follow) We remembered our friend Nancy who this year was taken from us after a long, long battle with MS. A late night but soo much fun.

We loved every minute and vowed to never let time keep us apart again.

We all hit the road for home before noon on Sunday and we all made it safe and sound.

Until next time....

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