Tuesday, July 20, 2010

29 years ago

I just looked at the clock and realized 29 years ago I had just given birth to my son.  At 8:05pm on July 20, 1981 I had a bouncing (strapping) 8 pound 15 and 3/4 oz baby boy.  Yep, nearly 9 pounds!  When I went into the hospital I weighed about 152 pounds.  3 days after coming home, I weighed 117.  The saying "all baby" says it all!

Back in the "olden" days, the sonograms weren't as accurate as they are these days.  We didn't know what we were having until Clayton was born.  By the time he arrived, I really didn't care.  (remember that "all baby" factor)  I just wanted that baby OUT!

He was all boy from day one.

His first birthday was celebrated with friends and family at home. And yes, I made and decorated his cake. We did the traditional, undress and let him dig in.

Second birthday.... some of you will recognize the booths and tables.. Moore's Bar BQ.  We had lots of celebrations at that place and I'm glad some of Clay's special days were held there.

This birthday was about age 7 I think.  We took some friends to the Dallas Zoo.

At 16 we had a blowout with family and friends at Clay's dad's house. Tons of fun!
We even had a dunking booth!
I have always been proud of this kid.  For over 16 years it was me and Clay. That time as a single mom gave me challenges but also gave me satisfaction beyond description.  Words cannot describe the joy being Clay's mom has given me.  We have gotten to do some fun stuff because we set our minds to making the most of everything we did.

Climbing to 7000 feet in Colorado
swimming with dolphins at SeaWorld San Diego.

seeing him graduate college.

And marrying the woman he found there.

And now, these two are going to be parents.  I think I did pretty darn good.

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