Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tis the Season

It's been a hard week missing mom and daddy but all it takes it kids to help get you through the Christmas season. 

Spent the 22nd with my husbands side of the family and that includes a LOT of little ones.


A family picture takes some effort

I love how Savanna is hanging on to Daddy's sleeve

It's time for some food people!!

Skylar has some very expressive looks

Don't you wonder what they are thinking sometimes?

 hmmmmm, what she has looks pretty tasty
Emmy ran them all off so she could have all the food.

now it's time for presents! The big boys, Jake and Luke are growing up so fast.  They are so good with all the little ones.

Ruby Ruby

Brady getting in on the action

Emmy got a little baby doll with a high chair and a potty.... that makes flushing sounds.  Hysterical.

The big boys got in on some Transformer action

Pops and Ruby

Little boys like playing dolly too.

Little Bryan

Our new photographer Emmy took this picture of Aunt Laura.  And then.....

Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up!!!!!

No fear for Mr. Brady.

William and Ruby had no issues with the big guy.


Little Savanna had to get a better look....
But she decided he was ok
Next it was Emory's turn.  She needed to hold Mrs. Claus's hand


Skylar like her present but not the guy with the beard

But she love, loved her Princess shoes that Santa brought her
I think Jake had a full list to give to Santa
We went from the youngest at 7 1/2 months to Ray's maternal grandmother who I think is coming up on 97.

Elmo getting some sugar on a moving target
Skylar was so sweet and shared a pair of her Princess shoes with Emmy.  To borrow... not to keep.
Then the boys shared a little car action with the girls.
Lots of playing and fun and then a little music and dancing. Wish Blogger would upload the video...

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